Fine Art, Photography, Original Art Framing

Bring in your fine art, original art, or photography, and our designers will recommend frame, mat, and glass selections to showcase your one-of-a-kind piece in your home or office. 
Our archival mounting techniques, matting, and museum-quality glass selections will protect your art from dust, moisture, and harmful light. All work is done in-house. 
Our fine art framing has been showcased in many locations, including both the Smithsonian and Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the Rockefeller home in New York.
Testimonial: “We were all very impressed with the many services and products available and the amazing finished artwork on exhibit. Your very professional explanations in a casual and understandable approach were great. Stephanie's conversational lead in "May I suggest..." is perfect especially with her eye to detail. Your "we can do it" instead of "it can't be done" philosophy is a definite advantage and courtesy for your customers. We can see why your business has prospered for 29 years and will continue. . . . [W]e will all be removing our art from closets and floors immediately!” - Cheryl Carman, Plainfield Art League


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