What Can Our Art Studio Do? So Much!

What Can Our Art Studio Do? So Much!

Sometimes we need to accept things the way they are, and sometimes…well, a little magic can make things the way we would like them to be. At Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing, your wishes have become the command of the Photoshop technicians.

The Colbert Art Printing Studio can take any public domain image and digitally alter it to create a unique work of art to the client's specifications. Images can be reformatted, stylized, colorized, and printed as a giclee art print in any size up to 60” wide.

Families can have their own images turned into professional-looking portraits. The Colberts have changed the background, added or removed people and objects from original photos, and even digitally changed clothing and hair to the customers’ liking. Photos can also be stylized for a more contemporary look or changed to sepia for a more antique look. Another option is to have a photograph turned into a painting through Brush Stroke Creations, software that re-creates an image as unique work of art.

Newlyweds are left with the daunting task of finding where to print their wedding photos, since photographers now sell only a CD of the images. The Colbert graphics studio produces giclee art prints using archival pigments on canvas, several types of photo papers, and art paper.

Artists and photographers take their work to the Colbert graphics studio to be scanned and reproduced so they can sell it—sometimes in varying sizes and colors. Services also include matting, mounting, and shrink wrapping.

In life, we don’t always have the option to change the way things are, but in the Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing graphics studio, the possibilities are exciting.

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