Find a great design experience at Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing

Find a great design experience at Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing

“That was so much easier than I expected!”

“I learn so much when I’m here!”

“That was more fun than I thought it would be!”

 We often hear these comments while designing custom framing and printing orders with our clients. At Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing, Stephanie Colbert Randall, third-generation owner, and staff provide a great experience with each interaction. We are experts at choosing the right matting and moulding for anything you want to frame, as well as recommending excellent aesthetic and practical solutions for custom printing orders. We can tell you why certain options will work better than others, all while keeping the proper handling and treatment of your art in mind. All work is done in-house from start to finish – even custom printing and custom metal plate engraving!

Colbert designers recommend the right colors, the right placement, the right style moulding for your art.

Examples of Colbert design approach:

Every project is a story. The matting and framing are tools to guide viewers through that story. Colbert designers recommend hues, textures, and shapes that give the whole piece the right character and personality to tell the story that needs to be told.

Matting and framing should always be submissive to the artwork. It should draw the most attention to the artwork and not to itself. Choosing the right textures, hues, and tones accomplishes this.

Complimentary colors enhance one another and analogous colors calm one another. Want a pink flower to stand out? Choose matting in the green family. Want to tone down blue in an image? Choose matting in the blue/gray family, which will cause other colors to stand out and the blue will be less noticeable.

The human eye is attracted from dark to light. The matting should not be brighter or more noticeable than the art. Usually a white mat often causes the most distraction, while choosing a hue or tone more muted than the image will make the image stand out rather than the matting and frame.

Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing is currently running its multiple piece sale on custom framing orders through April 30 – Buy 1 Get the 2nd half off. Customers can also save when choosing in-stock moulding and matting. The on-site warehouse contains thousands of feet of high-quality moulding and sheets of matting.

The 5,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Market Meadows Plaza on the NW corner of 75th St. and Naper Blvd. Store hours are M-F 10-6 and Sat. 9-5. Groups are also welcome to use the facility for a meeting venue, by appointment. Call 630-717-1448 for details.

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