Custom printed matting a unique twist on custom framing

Custom printed matting a unique twist on custom framing

With its large in-house pigment ink art printers and a creative team of graphic artists, Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing is excited to introduce Custom Printed Mats.

Custom colors

The Colbert team can produce *just* the right mat color for your framed art with Custom Printed Mats. No need to find the right matboard when the best color for your art can be custom printed. 

Custom patterns

Unique custom patterns printed as matting bring special dimension, texture, and interest to your framing order. Brick? Sure. Water? You bet. Checkerboard? Of course! No need to settle for solid-color matting when custom printed patterns are possible.

Custom text

Custom text – custom font, custom color, custom size – can be printed onto the mat border to provide more context to your art framing. It’s a modern twist on a traditional engraved plate or printed text in a mat window.

Custom details

Incorporate a plethora of accent details on the mat with Colbert’s custom mat printing capabilities. Whether it’s a swirl or a faux French line or a decorative border, the Colbert team loves all the finishing touches they can offer. 

Perhaps a custom printed mat border is the best way to truly customize your next custom framing order!

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