A Creative Time for Art and Framing

A Creative Time for Art and Framing

With so many spending extra time at home lately, we've all noticed items that we always intended to do something with or have reminisced on memorable events and travels with loved one.

“People look for creative ways to express memories and stories,” said third-generation-owner Stephanie Colbert Randall. “We have a blast using our creativity and technology to create some wonderful pieces.”

“We’ve been able to preserve some incredible memories because of our ability to create giclee art prints from customer’s own images," added Colbert Randall. “We have helped customers with some amazing projects by restoring old photographs and creating collages and art prints using Photoshop to re-size and stylize images.”

One customer drove to his wife’s hometown early one morning to take pictures of all the places that are special to her. The resulting collage created in the Colbert onsite Art Studio was a unique, romantic surprise.

Another customer re-created (with the help of his grown children) a picture of them as small children and framed the two images side-by-side as a surprise for his wife.

Other customers used a customized photo as the background for heirlooms in a shadow box. An many customers saw their vacation pictures become masterpieces as framed art, oil paintings, or gallery-wrapped canvases to display in their homes. They went on a trip, and then with the help of the Colbert staff, they took the sentimental journey home…

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